Sherakan’s Arctic Savior TT, CGN, NTD, ITD, ETD

OFA Eyes Normal & Hips OFA Excellent



Hi Everyone!

‚ÄčMy name is Maya and I am a purebred Siberian Husky actor, performer, entertainer and companion. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and travel all over Ontario performing and exploring. I love to explore and we perform at many events big and small. Maya’s biggest achievement so far has been her work on film sets. We started in 2017 and continue to this day. She has been seen working with Jerry O’Connell, who loved her. And has been on some pretty big hit tv series. Her biggest one yet was released November 6, 2021, where she played the main dog in the movie The Great Christmas Switch. Maya is up to big things again and can’t wait to tell you about them! Together we have met some pretty amazing people. She achieved her trick dog titles at the young age of 1. She only knew a handful of tricks and behaviors, and today currently knows hundreds! She has made many people smile with her goofy antics!